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Instructions for the 50/50 Gravel Ride Leics Sunday 5th November 2018

Please read the following carefully




Parking: Please use the Student parking entrance. There are about 80 spaces here. Once this is full you will be directed to the overflow car park.  As indicated on the map. There is no access to the event from any other entrance, so please use the correct entrance, which will be signposted ‘Sportive Parking’. Indicated by the ‘Equestrian Centre’ dot on the map below.

Registration and Starts


Registration opens 0730 please sign on and collect your rider number at sports centre. Registration closes 0830  

Long Route ride starts 0800 until 0820                        Short Route ride starts 0820 until 0840


The start is signposted from registration at the Sports Hall. Please follow the red on white arrows through the college grounds to get to the start area as indicated on the map.  

You will be set off in groups of about 5 riders but there is no need to stay with the group.

The timing is manual not electronic on this event, so you will have your rider number taken at the time you start and then noted at the time you finish. Times will be published later at


There are toilets available at the HQ and at the feeds at village halls. Please avoid going in public.


Helmets are mandatory for insurance purposes. Any rider not wearing a helmet will be deemed to be not part of the event.

Feedstations and Toilets

The first feed is at Freeby village hall (both routes at 28 miles from start) where food, hot drinks, water and sports drink will be available. There are toilet facilities available.

PLEASE NOTE that the route splits at this feedstation, with the short route riders turning right out of the feed and the long route left.

Whissendine is the second feed for long route riders at  57 miles. Food, hot drinks, water and sports drink will be available. There are toilet facilities available.



First 28 miles Freeby feed – Short  route right, Long route left

Second and final split Klondyke Lane/Baker’s Lane (Long route 64.5 miles LEFT, Short route 57 miles STRAIGHT ON BAKER’S LANE)

Route Downloads

Because this event is partially off road the routes may be subject to small amendments as the week goes on according to conditions. If you are downloading to a device please check on the event website on Saturday for the final versions.


All of the off road sections are on public byways or bridleways which we have the right to use. Please leave gates as you find them. As of Monday 30th October there is only one section (long route only 68.3 miles) where you will be riding across a field with livestock (sheep). The gate to this field will be open and marshalled.  


The overall cut off time for this event is 1630 that means you need to be back at the HQ by 1630.

Because of the limited daylight a 3pm cut off time will apply at the following location.

LONG ROUTE RIDERS - Spilt point 2 - Second and final split Klondyke Lane/Baker’s Lane 64.5 miles. If you reach this point after 1500hrs you will not be allowed to continue on the long route and must take the short route option. Anyone entering the long route section after 1500hrs will not be supported in the event.

Please bring lights just in case you are delayed and the daylight begins to fade.


Please avoid dropping litter on route. You can dispose of wrappers etc at feedstations. THIS HAS GENERATED SOME COMPLAINTS FROM RESIDENTS AND FELLOW RIDERS ON PREVIOUS EVENTS. PLEASE DO NOT DROP LITTER.

Please also try to be courteous and considerate to other road/bridleway users at all times to maintain the goodwill of local road users. This includes fellow participants.

Emergency and Organizer Contact

To contact the event control room please use the following number. Please use this number for mechanicals, broom wagon or to notify accidents - 07429 250947

If there is a genuine emergency on the road please ring the emergency services first and then the event organizers. 

Mechanical support

It will be difficult to reach you with mech support at some points in the route, as well as possibly difficult to locate your position. Most of the off road sections are relatively short. If you have a problem you can’t fix please walk to the nearest road (even if that means going back, so the mechanic can find you.   If you have a mechanical that cannot realistically be repaired at the roadside we will collect you and return you to the event HQ.

PUNCTURES – it is hedge trimming time so please make sure you are carrying plenty of spare inner tubes, levers, pump etc to fix a puncture. Track pumps are available at feed stations.


The route is fully signed with A3 signs with a red arrow on a white background. An example will be at the start. If you find yourself off course please ring the organizer, who will try to talk you back onto the route. Please do this as soon as you suspect you are lost, not ten miles later.

Riding around horses.

Please ride slowly and carefully around horses. Horse ownership is very high in this area. If you encounter horses please speak as you approach to let the horse know you are there and pass wide and slow.

Please take a look at the guidance on the pdf on this page


The finish is in the same place as the start. Please ensure you cross the line to register your time.

Ride Responsibly

Please obey the event staff.  You ride under your own responsibility and must ride with due care and attention at all times, so as not to endanger your personal safety as well as others. You must follow the normal rules of the road at all times and be considerate and reasonable towards other road users. This is not a closed road event or a race. It is your responsibility to ensure your bicycle is well maintained and roadworthy. Tri-bars - these are allowed as they are road legal, however the organizer recommends that you do not use these when riding close to other riders. Also, some descents are steep and the road condition poor in places, so please be cautious when choosing to ride on tri-bars.

Hospitals - The nearest A & E Hospitals depending on where you are on the route:

Leicester Royal Infirmary
Infirmary Square

Grantham and District Hospital

A&E open 8am to 6.30pm

101 Manthorpe Road



NG31 8DG

(01476) 565232