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Instructions for The Giant Rutland CiCLE Tour 2017 

Rutland CiCLE Tour 22nd April 2017

Please read the following carefully

Venue: Giant Store Rutland Water, Normanton Car Park, South Shore, Nr Edith Weston, Rutland, LE15 8HD



Route names and signage

104 miles – LONG ROUTE

78 miles – MEDIUM ROUTE

57 miles – SHORT ROUTE

All event arrows are red on a white A3 background.



The route from Sykes Lane to the Normanton HQ can be found here. The barriers will be up to prevent queuing on entry. Please see below on how to pay for parking on exit.


Exiting the Car Parks

There is an Anglian Water parking charge at all Rutland Water car parks. The daily charge is discounted to £5 for this event PER CAR, so please consider car sharing. On returning to your car at Sykes Lane please go to the Visitor Centre at Sykes Lane and tell them you have ridden the sportive. You will then be able to pay and receive a discounted ticket to exit the car park.


Signing on times and process  

Registration Times

To avoid excessive queuing registration opens for each distance at the following times. Please do not try to register earlier than these times.

·         Long route – 07:30

·         Medium route – 08:10

·         Short route – 08:30

In the Giant Store, at registration you will be asked your name and given the following


Event Number
Timing Chip (please see information below on how to fix this to your helmet.)
Energy gel from High5, cable ties needed for your bike number
Event map

The route map includes a route profile and warnings of where you need to take extra care on the route. Please familiarize yourself with this.

Contact Numbers

Please put the following numbers into your phone and use them in the case of mechanicals and/or emergencies. If you cannot get through it is best not to leave a message as these can be delayed on the network, sometimes by a substantial amount of time. We will return missed calls. These telephone numbers are also on your event number attached to your bike and you event map.

07881 632552

07535 059356


The starting area is immediately outside the Giant Store. Please ensure you pass under the start banner to register a start time.

Start times by route are as follows.

Long Route – 0800-0825

Medium Route – 0830-0855

Short Route – 0855-0915


Chip Timing

You need to pass under the start/finish banner at the start and finish of your ride. If you don’t, you will not register a time.

Abandoning your ride

If you decide you are unable to finish your ride please either come back to Giant Store to deregister or ring one of the contact numbers above to let us know. Otherwise, we will be ringing you or looking for you at the end of the day as you will be unaccounted for.


Helmets are mandatory for insurance purposes. Any rider involved in an accident whilst not wearing a helmet will be deemed to be not part of the event.

Feedstations and Toilets

HQ Toilets – riders will be able to use the existing toilets at Normanton and Sykes Lane and there will be a hired block also.  

The feedstations are all based at Village Halls or cafes with toilet facilities available. Please use these, rather than going in public. Food, water and sports drink will be available. Teas and coffee included in your entry fee at Sproxton and Owston, but can be purchased from the café at Wymondham.



Sproxton - 29 miles, Long route only.


Wymondham - Medium 32 miles, Long 58 miles


Owston All routes - 24 miles short, 44.5 miles medium, 70 miles long

Long route riders may want to skip the Wymondham feed, it is mainly for the medium route riders but obviously you are welcome to stop there if you wish.

If you feel you are likely to arrive very late at a feed due to a mechanical, going off course or any other reason please contact the organizer and we will try to make sure you are fed. Do not ride faster than you are comfortable with to make up time to avoid missing a feed. You could pay for it later in the ride and may find yourself taking unnecessary risks.  


Route Splits


Cold Overton - 13 miles - short route left, medium and long straight on. 


Buckminster - 28 miles - medium left, Long straight on. Short n/a


Please avoid dropping litter on route. You can dispose of wrappers etc at feedstations. The event generates very few complaints from the public so we appreciate your help in keeping the goodwill going.



The route is fully signed with A3 signs with a red arrow on a white background. An example will be at the start. You will also be given a route map. If you find yourself off course ring the organizer, who will try to talk you back onto the route. Please do this as soon as you suspect you are lost, not ten miles later.

Please ensure you use your map or other independent means of navigation, as signs being tampered with, or removed, almost always happens somewhere. If it becomes obvious that signs have been tampered with anywhere on the route, please contact the organizer or report it to other event staff immediately so this can be remedied.   

We have dedicated members of staff driving about 40 minutes ahead of the first rider on the road to minimize theft or tampering with signs but even this is not fool-proof.


Please ensure you finish back at Giant Store where you started to register a finish time and be automatically accounted for.

Post Event Food

You will be given a food voucher on finishing and instructed by finish line staff as to where to use it.  

Ride Responsibly

Please obey the event staff.  You ride under your own responsibility and must ride with due care and attention at all times, so as not to endanger your personal safety as well as others. You must follow the normal rules of the road and Highway Code guidance at all times and be considerate and reasonable towards other road users. This is not a closed road event or a race. It is your responsibility to ensure your bicycle is well maintained and road worthy. Tri-bars - these are allowed as they are road legal, however the organizer recommends that you do not use these when riding close to other riders. Also, some descents are steep and the road condition poor in places, so please take care when choosing to ride on tri-bars.

It is also your responsibility to decide whether you are fit to continue at any time. There are vehicles within the event that can return you to HQ at any time by using one of the event telephone numbers above.


The road condition is generally good. However, no roads are free of potholes and you must pay attention to the road surface for holes and gravel at all times. Some of the lanes we use are not heavily used by cars and so please be aware of gravel and other debris.  

Surface Dressing

There are some areas towards the end of the route that have recently been surface dressed. Please ride with extra care on these sections.


Riding around horses.

At the 2014 edition of this event there was an accident involving cyclists and a horse in which the horse rider was injured. Please ride slowly and carefully around horses. The local British Horse Society members have been informed of the event by email but there will probably still be some horses on the route as horse ownership is very high in this area. If you encounter horses please speak as you approach to let the horse know you are there and pass wide and slow.

Please take a look at the guidance on the pdf on this page

Hospitals - The nearest A & E Hospitals are Leicester and Grantham, depending on where you are on the route.

Leicester Royal Infirmary
Infirmary Square, Leicester, LE1 5WW

Grantham and District Hospital
101 Manthorpe Road, Grantham, Lincs, NG3


Important instructions about chip timing

Advanced UHF-radio chip-timing is being used for this event. To enable the accurate recording of your race times please observe the following:

A self-adhesive timing chip will be issued to you by event organisers before you start. Affix this to the LEFT SIDE of your cycling helmet only (see fig 1). This is the only location where your chip will function effectively
Do not fix the chip over any logos – such as the MET graphic in fig 1, or anything metallic or shiny in appearance. Your chip will not function and your times will not be recorded if the chip is directly attached to water filled, metallic or carbon fibre items such as your body, water bottle, a bike frame or helmet logos
Remove chips you have from previous events and do not fix your chip over any previous chips
Do not exchange your chip for a friend’s – it is personal to you. Your helmet, with chip affixed, must be worn by the person it was issued to for the whole duration of the event
Please obey the event marshals’ directions

Note: Although personal to you, no personal information is stored on the chip