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Bryan Steel Led Ride


Come and join Bryan Steel on this unique and practical experience where you will learn from and ride with the multiple Olympic and World Championship cycling medalist Bryan Steel. Bryan will share his knowledge and skills of riding at the world’s highest level for 17 years so that you become a more effective, efficient, safe and confident rider.


On the day, register as normal and then come and meet Bryan 30 minutes before the planned start time at his team van, where you can meet the other riders and the support riders. We will use the same feed stops during the ride unless we have made other arrangements on the day.


Bryan will give the group a briefing of the event and we can talk through any specific areas you would like to develop. After the ride we will discuss any issues and if there are any areas you would like to follow up with further sessions.



During the ride Bryan will help you develop your cycling in the following areas:


Perfect riding technique

  • Understand by riding relaxed you are able to save energy and to put more energy onto the pedals.
  • Learn by riding from the pelvis down you are able to apply more power to the pedals.
  • Learn by leading with your heals you are able apply power through 360 degrees of the pedal stroke.


Effective climbing and descending

  • Understand by using the right gearing you will be able climb more effectively.
  • Learn how by pacing yourself on a hills so you are able to recovery quicker and get back into your race speed.
  • By using your weight and balance you are able to descend faster and safer.


Riding within a group effectively

  • Learn how to find the clear air behind a rider so you are able to slipstream them.
  • How to sit on a rider’s wheel so you are able to have maximise recovery
  • Be able work with other riders so you are able to bridge to other groups


If you have any more questions or talk through what you would like to develop then please contact Bryan at or 07867 503 564



Are you looking for a new challenge for 2018 or would like the opportunity to ride for Great Britain at the UCI World Amateur Road Championships?



Come and be part of my revolutionary Bryan Steel Racing (BSR), which gives enthusiastic amateur cyclists a peek into the world of professional road racing. I am committed to providing my members with the best possible environment to achieve their goals. Therefore, my team and I want our members to experience the latest training techniques, tailored nutritional programmes, physiotherapy, race schedules and much more. In exchange for the plethora of services we offer, we expect our members to throw themselves into our training and most importantly, have fun!


Bryan Steel Racing (BSR) gives ambitious amateur cyclists the opportunity to experience a professional racing team setup by providing a bespoke service developed by double Olympic medallist Bryan Steel and his support team. As part of the service you will receive a personalized training programme, racing schedule and other support aimed at optimising your preparations for the Tour of Cambridgeshire.


For a monthly £150 membership fee, you will receive:

  • Bryan Steel’s Gold coaching programme
  • Weekly group training sessions
  • An individualized schedule of races and sportives building to the World Championship and qualifying events
  • Access to Bryan Steel’s experts and partners including discounts and special offers
  • Access to physio assessment and ongoing support
  • Access bespoke bike fitting, fitness testing and equipment consultation
  • Complete set of support staff at every planned event, including team vehicles and mechanics to provide a professional experience.



If you are interested in joining Bryan Steel Racing
or you would like to find out more, please contact Bryan on:

Mobile: 07867 551923  ·  Email:


Are you looking for a social
cycling club that will challenge
you to develop your cycling
to the next level?



Bryan Steel was one of the first riders to come out of the British Cycling medal factory and make a large contribution to the boom in social, sportive and racing cycling you see today.


To support people starting or wanting to develop in the sport Bryan has developed the Bryan Steel Cycling club where you are able to join and develop into the sport in a relaxed, fun and social way to have a longer-term relationship with the sport


The Bryan Steel Cycling Club has the following 4 key values to help you develop your cycling


Relax All Bryan Steel Cycling club riders and events are designed in a Relaxed way to seamlessly integrate the novice with the experienced rider, meaning you can relax in the knowledge your enjoyment is our goal.

Integrate Enjoy rides and events with other likeminded members in a relaxed social environment. Make new friends, business contacts and join our vibrant social calendar.

Develop your fitness, cycling skills and confidence whilst progressing through the groups.

Enjoy But most of all, enjoy!


For only £100.00 per year the club offers the following benefits: 


  • Monthly led ride for cyclists of all levels.
  • Priority entry to all 2018 ITP Events Sportives.
  • Event support at all BSCC planned events such as Tour of Cambridgeshire
    and Tour of Ayrshire.
  • Social events through the year.
  • Access to Bryan Steel’s experts and partners including discounts and special offers.
  • Access to Bryan Steel’s tips, advice and coaching.


If you are interested in joining Bryan Steel Cycling Club
or you would like to find out more, please contact Bryan on:

Mobile: 07867 551923  ·  Email: